Spirit of Christmas Cracker Wall

Client: Condé Nast Publications Ltd. 

Event: Spirit of Christmas, Olympia London, 1st-7th November.

With COP26 underway in Scotland, we were keen to produce this stand for Condé Nast in the most environmentally friendly way possible. All materials for the basis of the stand were sustainable and with a close eye to our own carbon footprint:

Back wall boards: Cygnus eco board

Crackers: Cyclus offset 100% recycled uncoated

Wall board: Hooks Recycled plastic 

Eco-carpet: Manufactured from recycled ocean waste

All Print: Used vegetable oil based inks

Wood: Not only was this Recycled board but it can be reused for further event stands

Items can be reused for further event stands

In addition, Electric vans handled all deliveries between sites. After the event was finished we deconstructed the stand and all elements were taken back to our factory (via the electric van!) to be re-used or recycled as appropriate. 

We were thrilled to offer Condé Nast such a sustainable stand and they, in turn, were delighted with the result, selling a record number of subscriptions on the back of what we all thought was an amazing effort!

Well done team!